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The Benefits of Corporate Branding

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Corporate Branding is one of the most important elements your company requires. It differentiates your company from your competition and makes your business unique.

Many businesses do not take full advantage of the possibilities that professional brand development adds to their marketing arsenal. This article discusses the importance of brand and identity development and some of the elements that can help your business stand out above the competition.

Branding is everywhere. On every billboard sign you see, every TV commercial and even down to the pen you use every day. Companies brand their businesses and the products they offer by including their company name and/or their logo. Take a moment and think about commercials you have seen on TV. Maybe it was one about a new flavour of potato chips or about insuring your vehicle. Chances are that you have seen the commercials before, or you have seen other commercials by the same company. The reason you remember the company and/or the commercial is because you remember the brand used in it. Maybe it was the product branding or maybe the company’s name and logo. Either way, this is essentially what branding is. Marketing your company and its image to the world in an effort to stand out, gain visibility and most importantly, increase sales.

Understandably not every business has the financial capabilities to lease billboard space, have a one page spotlight in a popular magazine or invest in a television commercial. However, there are many other ways to brand and market your business in a way that is more cost effective and efficient.

Company Logos

To follow the famous quote, “An image is worth a thousand words”, you want your company logo to capture your target market in a single glance in addition to allowing them to know who you are and what you offer. Once you have a logo that achieves that message, you are well on your way to establishing your own corporate branding package. Your company logo should be included on everything your company uses for promotional purposes as it will get your corporate image out into the market.

Business Cards

For all those important meetings and even to simply hand out to prospective clients, your business card will allow you to get your brand into the market. A business card should be designed strategically to include all aspects of your brand including the company logo, colors and overall design. Think about all of the business cards you have received. Surely there have been ones where you find yourself drawn to the card and are extremely impressed by how it looks compared to the other ones. This is because the business card was professionally designed using the corporate branding to get your attention.

Business cards are also a fantastic place to include your website address as well to help drive more potential clients to your website.

Office Stationery

Every office has to send out letters, invoices and other types of printed materials. It may seem unimportant, however using your corporate branding on your office letterhead, envelopes, fax cover sheets, invoices and even receipts are a great way to keep your brand circulating.

Email Signatures

These days, email is very commonly used for communicating with clients, partners and many others. Not many people understand the importance of using this approach to your advantage. Creating a company email signature is a great way to include your contact information and most importantly your brand for everyone you send an email to. Not only is it useful, it is a simple way to continue marketing your business.

Company Website

Many people ask why should I have a website? The answer is simple. Incorporating a website as part of your branding and marketing package gives you far more visibility and it is one of the most inexpensive and effective ways to market your business.

Since the dawn of the Internet, no longer is your competition just that store 5 blocks down the road. They have become nationwide or even worldwide. By introducing a website to your marketing package, you can showcase your company and your corporate brand to set you apart from your competition. Now with having a website, you also need to be able to generate traffic to generate those prospective clients. This is where Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Internet Marketing come into play. By implementing an online marketing strategy that is strategically designed for your company, you can start to increase visibility and awareness about your website through search engines and social media sites.

The bottom line is that having a website is great, however if you are not being found by potential clients then you will not be able to draw traffic to your website to increase exposure, interest and most importantly, sales.

Unfortunately, some people will take the risk to save money and just have a friend or family member do the work on these elements even though it could negatively affect your business. To ensure that your business is marketed in a positive fashion, it is important to rely on a professional firm that specializes in brand development, web design and other marketing solutions. They are qualified and have the experience and tools to complete the project with the highest of quality.

Don’t get left behind. Ensure your company is getting the exposure it should by utilizing the benefits of corporate branding.

With over 15 years experience, we have the expertise and experience to ensure the trouble-free and effective management of your brand development and marketing - from conception to ongoing management.
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